Have you ever come across a beautiful brochure, read all about the amazing art it has to offer, and then realise it’s over?

That was us. And in the art world, there are no re-runs.

This is why we built ArtHop, so that art enthusiasts—like you and I—never miss out on the art we love. We keep tabs on what’s going on and gather all the details you need on one platform.

What if I don’t understand art?

The truth is, sometimes we don’t get it too. But that’s okay. If understanding the artist’s every intention was the main point, we’d be poring over essays instead of looking at art.

It’s the art experience that matters, and ArtHop helps you find it. Think of us as the hardworking BFF who is now giving you the important bits in our Art Guides and Reviews. For all the questions you were too embarrassed to ask, we’ve got you covered in our Interviews and “Know Your Art”. Plus, because we’re committed to delighting our users, we throw in fun topics and giveaways in Features.

“Art is everywhere you look for it.” Experience art with us.


Founded in 2015, ArtHop is Southeast Asia’s Art Guide. We’re all about helping our users discover and appreciate art of this region. Starting with Singapore, we aim to build an art community of professionals and enthusiasts—the place for art lovers to interact and learn.

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We’re on the hunt for enthusiastic and creative people to join us in making art accessible. If adventure is your thing, drop us an email at info@arthop.co

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