Antoine Rose: Another View

Mazel Galerie Singapore is honoured to present Antoine Rose: Another View - the award-winning Belgian photographer’s first solo exhibition in Asia.


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Mazel Galerie Singapore is honoured to present Antoine Rose: Another View - the award-winning Belgian photographer’s first solo exhibition in Asia. The exhibition includes his latest aerial photos and will feature locations from all around the world such as Japan, United States, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. Through his privileged position up in the air, Antoine Rose is able to share with us Another View, his view. The show will run from 19th September till 27th October 2019. A self-taught photographer, Antoine Rose (b. Brussels, 1974) developed his early love for photography and acquired the skills behind the lens at a very young age. Best known for his aerial shots, the artist became the official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup in 2002, in which he developed his very own technique of taking photographs from a helicopter. Antoine is known for suspending himself in the void, with the help of a harness, such that he can be perpendicular to the ground. The artist himself admits that “Shooting from helicopters, all doors removed, 300 feet above earth at 20 knots is quite a challenge.” He adds: “What’s difficult is to mix all the tasks in real time: guiding the pilot, having the right lens, being sure the camera settings are setup properly, concentrating on the light, the subject, the framing, discussing with the tower control to get clearance…”. It can take years for Antoine to achieve the perfect shot. For instance, “Migration Study 1”, which will be on display, took three years of trial and error during the annual Vasaloppet ski race in Sweden to be obtained. Antoine Rose is a perfectionist and will leave no detail unnoticed. He often says: “If the shot is not 100%, I will not display it”. Antoine Rose’s subject is often connected to the history of art. For instance, Tokyo Study 2 evokes the fa-mous “bathers” series of the French post-impressionist painter Cézanne. They also call to mind the more recent works of the Italian photographer Massimo Vitali, who became internationally renowned for his in-terest in crowded beaches and pools. But while Vitali keeps visible the sky in his works, adopting a frontal point of view, even if not from the ground level, Rose’s approach is very different. The bird’s eye view imposes only two fields to his compositions: the ocean and the beach, excluding a third one – the sky. Antoine Rose is interested in the natural contrasts of colours. For example, this can be found with beachgoers bringing their colourful towels and parasols against the yellow sand or cross-country skiers wearing their colourful gears against the crystal white snow, as shown in Follow Your Own Path – one of the highlights under his Winter Games series. Kevin Troyano Cuturi, owner of the gallery says: “What makes Antoine Rose unique, is being able to capture these crowded scenes from above. What was once crowded now becomes minimal. At first sight you almost think you are looking at an abstract painting. It’s only when you start looking into the details, that you are able to fully experience the artwork”. Antoine Rose has gained extensive recognition as an artist with major international exhibitions and has been commissioned by international brands such as Tiffany & Co, Hermès Luxembourg, and Silvercup Studios. His photography has also featured in private and corporate collections and is part of the Museum of Arts and Design’s private collection in New York. Every single show in the US and Europe has sold out, and he is one of the most successful photographers of our time. He is very often copied by artists using drones, but as he likes to say: “To get the same result as my artworks, you would need a military drone, which can cost mil-lions”. Antoine Rose’s photographs can be presented in large formats, up to 3 meters wide and mounted with a patented Diasec procedure. [ Opening Reception ] Wednesday, 18 September 7pm / Antoine Rose: Another View runs from 19 September to 27 October 2019

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