Hung Duong

Hung Duong is a translator, writer, and organizer based in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. With a background in Psychology from the USA, Hung has always been fascinated by arts and its potentials, especially with global history of modern arts and the emergence of contemporary arts as windows of contemplation. Hung loves discovering connections - between countries, regions, and continents - and runs an initiative called Cultural Community Discourse (CCD) in (HCMC) where he and his team organizes monthly talks with experts about these cultural links that are often sidelined in a divisive era of 'we' vs. 'the other'. In his writing, Hung focuses on maturing a style of exhibition review that plays with the 'fictional' and 'factual', each review a deeply personal rumination on the artists and their shows. Hung is currently working independently for different organizations, traveling to see arts when he can, and spending the rest of his time with family, friends, and his four cats.


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