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Esther van Vechgel is a Dutch photographer, living in Singapore. Since childhood she has been working with her camera. She is a frequent traveller and when in a new city or country she likes to wander around and feel the local vibe.  In daily professional life she is a photographer and a yoga teacher. Esther wants the values of her yoga practice, awareness and acceptance, to reflect in her photographic works as well. Furthermore the subjects are seen through the eyes of a cultural anthropologist, because that is what the artist is by training. “I look for the quiet places, the small alleys, and the people who do their everyday things. To capture these moments of serenity I take pictures, because in hectic city life the next moment everything can be different.” The style of Esther’s photographic art is laid-back and full of surprises. The world is made of opposites and in her work you can find different layers that capture these opposites. Mostly she uses everyday objects, like a piece of wall or graffiti, which normally you would hardly notice. By putting these objects in the centre of attention, it get a new dimension. The photographic work of the artist is mostly about the hectic Asian city life. But if you look closer, there is also a quietness expressed in the artworks. The artist means to keep the onlooker wondering. She wants to create for you a moment of stillness. 

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