Goshen Art Gallery

New and exciting art gallery located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore. With over 8000 art pieces in its collection, the gallery houses some of the best art works by renowned local and international artists.



150, Orchard Road, Unit 03-61, Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841.

Opening Hours

Mon to Sat 1230pm - 7pm Closed on Sunday (Private viewing can be arranged)

Admission Fees




At Goshen Art Gallery, we take a different approach to our business. We don’t only have the traditional retail business model, but creative and innovative methods combine with our entrepreneurial spirit guide everything we do and our friendly approach to make things happen. Our mission to bring art appreciation to a wider audience by advocating the global need to recognise, represent, nurture and cultivate artists and craftsmen requires us to continually adapt to the changing art scene without losing sight of our values and principles. Even with the rapid changing in art forms we are seeing across the globe, we have remained focused on being one of the provider of fine arts, as well as being versatile and flexible, nurturing our global network of artists, and being a diversified company with trusted partners in the international art scene and at home. Goshen Art Gallery is dedicated to bring art lovers and art enthusiasts with more choices of fine art pieces, continually expanding our fields of influence across areas such as art investments, art leasing, corporate art programs and curation of art exhibitions. Goshen Art Gallery is today a strong and reputable art gallery in Singapore, and will continue to impel its footprints in the Asia Pacific and European regions. Driving our growth is the untiring commitment to excellence of our team. Let us be your next working partner in sharing our wealth of knowledge and passion of arts.

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