Kato Art Duo - Raffles Hotel Arcade



Raffles Hotel Arcade, 328 North Bridge Road #02-28, Singapore 188719

Opening Hours

Wed - Sun: 11am to 7pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment only

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WebsiteEmail+65 6338 9073


Kato Art Duo is a premium Japanese art gallery showcasing the finest artworks from Japan, Asia and Europe. ‘Kato’ refers to the family name of Hiroshi Kato, founder of Kato Art Duo, while ‘Art Duo’ represents the gallery’s mission to showcase the binary of artworks between the well-established and budding artists from Japan. The gallery aims to reinforce the essence of Japanese art taken from Japan’s historical art developments to its present-day creations. Kato Art Duo – Raffles Hotel Arcade, located in the iconic building presents an exclusive collection of original artworks by Japan’s most renowned artists who have been at the forefront of the international art scene such as Toko Shinoda, Nuit Sano, Chiyu Uemae, and Toshikatsu Endo. Kato Art Duo – The Herencia, is a hub for corporates interested in renting or purchasing fine art. Located at The Herencia building at Kim Yam Road, Kato Art Duo will house a vast collection of artworks in a larger showroom in comparison to its flagship gallery in Raffles Hotel. Making artworks more accesible and in an affordable price range to acquire and experience. All artworks are specially selected by Founder and Director Mr Hiroshi Kato, an avid collector and art aficionado.

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