Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery



Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, #01-25/26, Singapore 247909

Opening Hours

By appointment only.

Admission Fees


WebsiteEmail+65 9093 5128


Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery is the proud product derived from decades of experience from owner, Sabiana Paoli, who has worked for some of the most renown art galleries across the globe; namely, Italy. Located at the heart of the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Singapore, Sabiana Paoli Art Gallery is effervescent with regular exhibitions and promotes the dynamic exchange of ideas between artists and art enthusiasts, accelerating the growth of the art market. The Gallery has a rich collection of modern and contemporary works of art endorsing a wide variety of artists, periods, and styles – an art collector’s one-stop shop to finding the artwork they desire.

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